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Sunshine Coast Health Centre
Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment for Men

Sunshine Coast Health Centre is one of Canada’s top private alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation centres. Located in Powell River, British Columbia, we are one of the top men-only inpatient rehabilitation centres helping people recover from substance abuse and other forms of addiction. We offer immediate help with alcohol or drug detox including crack cocaine and opiate addiction treatment (e.g. Fentanyl, Heroin, Oxycontin). We also treat process addictions such as gambling, porn, and sex addition. Our program is a non-12 step evidence-based program. To start addiction treatment with us, call for a free, private consultation. Whether it’s for drug or alcohol rehab, our private residential program offers complete addiction recovery.

(778) 410-5189
1321 Blanshard St #301, Victoria, BC, V8W 0B6, Canada
Canadian Centre For Addictions
Ontario Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab located in Ontario. Private with in-house detox and a leading team that includes a former Toronto Maple Leaf creates tailormade treatment plans for long-lasting tr

Business Address: 20 De Boers Drive, Suite 208, North York, Ontario, M3J 0H1, Canada
The Canadian Centre for Addictions is a private and exclusive drug and alcohol rehab located in Port Hope, Ontario. It is also the first rehab to offer a Recovery Guarantee! This means, provided you go through our program for the stipulated amount of time, and suffer a relapse at a later date – we taken you back in for free.
We can provide such a guarantee because we have the best addiction treatment team the country has to offer. They are highly sought-after individuals within the Addiction Industry, and some are even leaders in the industry. And they work here at CCFA helping rebuild lives and families. This gives us the confidence about no relapses. Ask our alumni who has seen success rates above 90%.

We are a fee-based rehab and do not accept provincial healthcare like OHIP. We also offer third party financing from Medicard and Crelogix in addition to direct payments. Sidenote, these financiers rely on your good credit.

Our biggest advantages compared to the government-funded public rehabs is the no wait time. Getting a bed at a free facility takes time of months – and you don’t have time. Who knows what can happen tomorrow? Having said that, every now and then we will be at capacity and might need to request you to wait for a few days.

Why will we be at capacity? Because we believe that keeping a smaller number of clients in the facility gives us the ability of increased attention and focus on them. This leads to a staff to patient ratio of 3:1.

But don’t stop here, and give us a call and spend a few minutes with us where our compassionate intake specialists can assess your situation and provide the right help. After all, spending 10 minutes may just be the decision that can begin the transformation of life and grant freedom from addiction.

(855) 971-1001
The Addiction Wellness Centre
A drug and alcohol treatment center in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia.

The Addiction Wellness Centre is a holistic drug and rehabilitation center that facilitates interventions. Our trained counselors use holistic methods to allow those suffering with addictions to take control of their lives once again. The centre features the Conroy Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program which is a proven method to relieve the symptoms of addiction and help bring balance back to the patient’s life.

1 877 529 3293