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Zenith Fire Protection is a leading fire safety experts located in Vancouver offering various fire protection services for customers in Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas. When you are looking for an experienced and professional fire protection company, you want someone that meet your specific requirements and highest standards. That is one of the reasons Zenith Fire Protection has become a leading fire safety provider in Vancouver.

We offer complete fire protection service for any type of business sectors at affordable price. If you are uncertain about your fire protection system, contact our Vancouver fire safety experts to give you advices. And Zenith Fire Protection will carry out fire risk assessment for your building and base on that our fire safety engineers will design and install a suitable fire protection system.
Fire Alarm Inspection, Fire Alarm Service, Fire Alarm Installation
We provide affordable fire alarm inspection, installation, service and maintain service allowing you to be safe in your workplace or at home. Fire can happen anytime and anywhere, therefore, Zenith Fire Protection offers 24/7 emergency call outs for fire alarm repair and maintenance.
Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Fire Extinguisher Installation, Fire Extinguisher Service and Maintenance
Choosing the correct type of fire extinguisher to meet your building requirement of application can be vital. Our fire Extinguisher Inspection experts can find the best option for your fire extinguisher requirements and will give you all the advice and information you need to make the right choice. At Zenith Fire Protection, we have got it all covered by supplying, installing, refilling and servicing.
Zenith Fire Protection also provide other fire safety services such as :
• Fire safety plan design
• Backflow Preventer Inspections
• Inspect Emergency Lighting and Fire Exist Signs
• Automatic Sprinkler Systems
• Special Fire Suppression Systems
• Fire Hose Inspection
• Fire Alarm Installation & Verification

Our fire safety engineers will only use quality products and ensure to have a comprehensive fire protection system with our quality fire alarms, fire safety signs and fire hose reels for your property. Regular fire risk assessments will provide to prevent fire and keep your employees safe within your property. Zenith Fire Protection experts will carry out fire risk assessments, identify potential fire hazards and then evaluate how best to reduce or remove the risk.
Looking for ways to improve your current fire protection and fire safety system at work? Do you need repairs carried out on your fire safety equipments? You’ll find it all here at Zenith Fire Protection Vancouver.
Zenith Fire Protection Vancouver is an independent fire protection company in Vancouver. Our tailored approach, we help you to decide on fire safety services and products which are the best fit for your individual needs. Contact us today to discuss your special and individual fire protection needs or visit our website to find more information.

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Fire Protection Services Vancouver – Fire Prevention Company & Fire Safety Systems.

Fire Protection Services Vancouver – Fire Prevention Company & Fire Safety Systems.

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