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Pinto Cash for Gold

Make Pinto Cash for Gold your place to sell gold in Toronto. They offer the best price for your gold, jewelry, and watches, regardless of their condition. When you have unwanted gold, it’s easy to turn it into quick cash. Pinto Cash for Gold is also a licensed pawn shop that can offer you a loan for your gold, with no credit check required.

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Estate Jewelry Buyers

That said, here are the things you need to lookout for when consulting
with jewelry buying firms here in the big apple. Some of the things
we’ll tell you may not be fancy. They may not even be what you want to
hear, but we feel that as an upstanding company, it’s better to put it
all out there so that you can make the right jewelry selling
Your gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals are only as
valuable as the amount a jewelry buyer in New York will pay for it.
Gold currently costs twice its value a decade ago. So, if you want to
sell, start with your gold.
There are many factors responsible for the price of the jewelry.
Jewelers tend to consider the provenance, the history, current market
value, demand and fashion trends. The appraised value may be much
higher than the true market or “street” value. So, we generally
recommend containing your excitement until you’re made an offer by the
Do not list your jewelry on classified sites. You’ll probably get a
lot of ridiculous offers. Instead, walk into a certified jeweler’s
store like Diamond District Buyers and have your jewelry appraised.
You don’t even have to come with the real thing. Very clear pictures
will do. So, if you have some jewelry to sell in New York, walk into
our store and talk to us. We’re more than willing to help you with all
the information and assessment that you need.

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Sell Platinum Jewelry

With the struggling economy, faltering stocks market and an
unpredictable economic climate, one thing is very sure: stocks are out
and jewelries are in. The prices of gold, silver, diamonds and other
jewelries are currently at unforeseen highs. If you live in or around
New York, this is the best time to sell jewelry in NYC.
It is no wonder that many people are looking to sell their gold,
diamonds and other jewelry because they know that they can make way
more from it than just having it sit there in their jewelry boxes. So,
if you want to sell those gold trinkets your grandma handed over to
you or any jewelry you may have had for a tidy profit, Diamond
District Buyers is the perfect jewelry buyer in New York City.
Before setting out to sell your precious metals and jewelry though,
you need to do your own due diligence. As with all important things,
caution and careful assessment is necessary. The jewelry trading
industry is filled with highly reputable business men who believe in
fair dealings and win-win situations.
But it is also fraught with potential fraudsters and scammers. While
many of the fraudsters won’t just take your gold and valuables for
nothing, there are those who would do anything to undercut and
underpay you.
At DD Buyers, we’re strictly upstanding jewelry buyers who believe
that our clients should get the best prices for their valuables. We’re
committed to fair customer treatment, building good relationships with
our customers and are a highly reputable organization. You really
won’t find a better jewelry buyer in New York City to do business with
if you intend to sell your jewelry in New York.

55 west 47th suite 203A New York, NY 10036
Global Gold & Silver
Global Gold & Silver has established itself into the most trusted and reputable Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Diamond, Luxury Watches and Precious Metal buyer in NYC & NJ. Sell your precious items with us – highest payouts with trusted buyers – BBB A+ Rated.

Global Gold & Silver has established itself into the most trusted and reputable Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Diamond, Luxury Watches and Precious Metal buyer in NYC & NJ. Sell your precious items with us – highest payouts with trusted buyers – BBB A+ Rated. Global Gold & Silver has certified technicians and jewelry appraisers in house with over 60 years of experience to provide a detailed assessment of the purity, weight, and payout of each and every item with a secure process, discreet and fast. Contact Global Gold and Silver to speak to one of our buyers about selling your Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Coins, Jewelry, Watches and more at 800-680-9757.

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Elite Precious Metal Exchange Inc

To get best price for selling gold jewelry, CASH FOR GOLD, Buy Gold, Sell Gold, Refining, and premium collection of gold and silver coins.

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Safe Gold
When you’re looking to make some extra cash, bring your gold, silver, platinum and diamond items and jewellery to Safe Gold in Hamilton. We will always offer you a fair price after a thorough appraisal.

Safe Gold is one of the leading companies in Hamilton offering commendable prices for gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. The selling process that applies is quite simple. Just bring your items to our store, get them appraised and walk out with cash. As promised, we pay top dollar for your gold, silver and platinum, haggle free. Come visit us today.

Canadian Gold Buyer

Canadian Gold Buyer is a famous buyer of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals based out of Canada. We offer the best rates for your metals after measuring it true worth. Not only do we pay the highest price in the market for your jewelry, but also we offer you a reliable transaction. In our own in-house refinery, we measure the authenticity of the metals and we are known for offering the best price than anyone else in the industry. We deal with the customers directly without involving any middle man.

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