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In accordance with the Company Act 2013, a Company is an association of people, formed and registered under this Act or any previous company laws. A Company can also be defined as a seperate legal entity which is diffrent from its shareholders.

Under the Indian Law there are seven types of entities recognized as companies:
Private Limited Company
Public Company
One Person Company
Limited Liability Partnership
Non-Profit Organizations (Section 25 Company)

Incorporation of a Company has been made simple recently through Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically i.e. SPICe-INC 32 along with the eMOA in INC-33 and eAOA in INC-34.

MOA stands for Memorandum of Association it reveals the name, aims, objectives, registered office address, the clause regarding limited liability, minimum paid-up capital and share capital of a Company. AOA stands for Article of Association and it contains the regulations for the management of the company.
Thus, the memorandum lays down the scope and powers of the company, and the articles govern the ways in which the objects of the company are to be carried out and can be framed and altered by the members.

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Private limited company registration is very easy process,if you go with professional help.

Private limited company registration is very easy process,if you go with professional help. Incorporation of company in india take only 3 days to ready to start business. Today, online new company registration is in trend, just you need to fill oneform and give 2-3 documents.

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