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We offer complete UAV solutions internationally.
We offer aerial services, as well UAV products, training, and support

AerialX, a unmanned aircraft technology company based in Vancouver BC, is developing the future of unmanned airborne systems ( UAS ) technology, through the incorporation of innovative mission and performance capabilities by means of improvements in payload, control, and design. AerialX is pushing the forefront of UAV technology by delivering complete solutions, drawing on a wealth of technical and aeronautical experience and a strong affinity toward innovation. We apply a systems engineering approach with focus aspects such as quality, functionality, reliability, usability, maintainability, and performance to deliver cost-competitive products without compromise on safety. Some of our projects: advanced Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, alternative energy sources, enhanced autonomy, and high performance. We also offer the selection and integration of customized product.

AerialX has ongoing strategic partnerships with European UAV leaders in both service and product and is constantly working to extend its capabilities through new collaborations. AerialX also offers drone operations, serving a variety of different applications, both civil and military. We operate various types of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, allowing us to deliver optimal solutions for a diverse set of applications. AerialX provides its services in the Vancouver BC area, as well nationally and internationally. Our team is fully qualified on multiple systems and all team members have undergone official UAV training. AerialX is a Canadian UAV Aerial Service Provider, using high-end systems and equipment to facilitate the delivery of optimal results and complete Drone Solutions. We are here to promote quality, safety, and innovation at all times.

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Aerial drone videography and photography services.

SkyCamCanada provides aerial drone video and photography services to businesses and customers who would like to enhance, optimize and make their videos look more professional. Call us for a free quote today!

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