Shindokan Canada
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Shindokan Canada is a Martial Arts School & Karate School located in Maple, ON that specializes in Karate, Martial Arts, Karate Lessons, Karate Classes, Martial Arts For Kids, Martial Arts Training, Krav Maga, Advanced Karate, and more! Shindokan Canada club teaches traditional Shotokan karate style – one of the most popular styles in the world. In our club we offer classes for athletes of all levels and ages – from beginning to advanced. In Shindokan Canada club we also teach Self-Defense and Krav-Maga – a very famous martial arts technique, developed by Israeli Call us at (647) 963-1290!

(647) 963-1290
57 Glen Cameron Rd, Thornhill, ON L3T 1P3
Tiger Shadow Muay Thai (boxe thai, kickboxing)
Ecole d arts martiaux de Muay thai Kick Boxing, Boxe, Thai, Fitness Kick Boxing à Piedmont, ste adele.

Tiger Shadow Muay Thai est une ecole d’arts martiaux de Boxe, (Thai), Muay thai, Kick Boxing, (kickboxing) et Fitness (cardio) Kick Boxing à Piedmont, pres de St Sauveur, Ste Adele et St Jerome, sur la rive nord des Laurentides au Quebec. Activite parfaite pour enfants ados et adultes. Un entrainement complet dans une ambiance de respect!

(450) 987-0298