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Prairie Eye Care – McIvor Mall

Welcome to Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, near McIvor Avenue! Our eye clinic offers quality eye care for patients of all ages. Just check out our Little Eyes Program, where our pediatric optometrists in Winnipeg are dedicated to providing young children with preventive eye care to ensure healthy vision for life. We also have experienced optometrists in Winnipeg on staff that works with seniors and older adults for maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

With our state-of-the-art eye care technology and highly experienced eye specialists and optometrists near you in Winnipeg, you’re always in good hands at our eye care clinic. Book an appointment with our optometrists in R2G 1P3 today!

15-1795 Henderson Highway Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2G 1P3, Canada
Prairie Eye Care – Garden City

Welcome to Prairie Eye Care in Garden City in Winnipeg! Our experienced optometrists in R2V 3E1 are always happy to provide quality eye care to patients in the Garden City area and nearby communities.

158-2305 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2V 3E1, Canada