Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports injuries Clinic
Our treatment approach incorporates education, exercise, manual therapy, modalities and acupuncture, in order to effectively reintegrate individuals into sports and regular activities of daily life. Call us today!

Our primary focus is rehabilitation. We specialize in manual therapy or hands on techniques. All service offer one-on-one treatment with a registered physiotherapist to assist with your custom needs.

(905) 455-4488
811 Bovaird Dr W Unit 22 Brampton, ON L6X 0T9
painPRO Clinics
At painPRO we believe helping our local and global communities is a primary responsibility in good business stewardship. That’s why “Paying It Forward” is one of our company values.

Our uncompromising approach to healthcare is focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance. Our clinics are designed to enhance your experience by ensuring massage therapy remains separated from our more active services.

4710 Kingsway Suite 2148, Burnaby, BC V5H 4J5
Performance Health Group
At Performance Health Group, you will benefit from top-rated treatments by a licensed chiropractor and the use of active release techniques for pain.

Professional therapists at Performance Health Group provide effective physiotherapy and kinesiologist treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort.

604 – 325 Howe St
Performance Health Group
Humber Bay Compounding Pharmacy
Humber Bay Compounding Pharmacy

Healthcare is an important aspect of our lives and it cannot be overemphasized. It’s only a smart choice to work with Healthcare professionals in medical buildings equipped with different services. Having a fully-functionally Pharmacy in a Medical Clinic is highly beneficial for they provide better, and faster services due to the Healthcare-centred environment. Sometimes, after receiving the doctor’s prescription, you would have to go through the stress of finding a Pharmacy close by to attend to your needs.

+1 647-348-2323
2240 Lake Shore Blvd W #107 Etobicoke ON M8V 0B1
Baseline Chiropractic and Wellness
At our Baseline Chiropractic & Wellness center, our physiotherapy experts will help you understand your pain and manage your future health needs.

For patients with pain from accidents and injuries, a top quality physiotherapist at our excellent therapeutic center can relieve pain for recovery.

#302 – 1037 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1E3
Jockvale Massage & Physio
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Jockvale Massage & Physio provides services that help you feel better and heal better. Our massage therapy and physiotherapy services can produce physical and emotional health benefits that improve your overall quality of life. Our team will create a customized plan for the best results. Call today.

(613) 825-3837
3777 Strandherd Dr #110,Nepean,ON,CA,K2J 4B1
Seva Wellness Clinic
We are SEVA WELLNESS CLINIC which offers multidisciplinary clinic service for clients in Surrey.

We offer following services under one roof:


When comparing the Massage Therapy clinics in Surrey, the Seva Wellness Massage therapy Clinic can be called as the best out of all. We confidently say so because we are the only massage clinic in Surrey that offers you the highest standard massage therapies for the most affordable prices. All our practitioners are registered massage therapists and have the experience of years. They have been well trained and they are capable of addressing a wide range of issues related to massage therapy in the most professional ways. We have the most professional and the best-registered massage therapists, Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and physiotherapists in Surrey who are well qualified and working with us.

Our specialization areas are Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Active rehabilitation, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Sports therapy, and pain relief. We can assure you that our expertised practitioners will provide you with the best quality massage therapies in Surrey. We have Physiotherapists, Chiropractitioners, Kinesiologists, and Acupuncturists working with us under one hood. Also, we give you the most cost-effective services offering the best value for the money you spend. Our knowledgeable and professional practitioners can identify your body needs accurately and decide the most suitable treatment for you and perform it in the most perfect manner.

Not only that, we own the latest equipment and most importantly medical equipment with the best quality. This makes you feel comfortable and makes the treatments more effective.

The specialty about us is that we are a Multidisciplinary Massage Therapy Clinic. You can find solutions for a lot of needs of you with us under one roof. We promise you to deliver you top-notch services for affordable prices, by the most professional registered massage therapists in Surrey. Therefore visit our Seva Wellness Massage therapy Surrey and experience the excellent massage therapies and other services from us. We will surely exceed your expectations.

8820 120 Street, Unit 101, Surrey, BC, V3W 0C9