Quality Care in Mexico
Travel for all medical treatments and surgeries into Mexico for all treatments such as dental surgery, cosmetic – aesthetic, biatric or weight loss, infertility and much more. We offer you quality healthcare services by a professional and bilingual medical network specializing in Medical tourism. We can help you with all your travel arrangements, hotel, hospital, transportation, surgery packages, pre and post care. Travel for medical treatments abroad stress free and experience first hand high quality healthcare by some of Mexico´s top Specialists.

Hello everyone, welcome to the first real Medical Tourism and Travel For Professional Medical Care Company in Mexico that You will actually meet in person and have access to, throughout your trip 24/7. With that said I will tell you about The Quality Care Mexico family and how we came about in Guadalajara Jalisco, healthbase for medical tourism in Mexico. Qualitycaremexico.com is a medical facilitating company that was started with intention of providing affordable healthcare for everyone around the globe. Qualitycaremexico.com is not a medical directory but rather a platform on the web filled with knowledgeable accurate information about all of it´s physicians, specialist and surgeons that make up the Quality Care Mexico network. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable quality health care and that is what we do, we scout and investigate some of Mexico’s top surgeons in major cities interview them, research them, visit them and then decide on a personal level if this is a surgeon that we ourselves and our family members would be referred to. What qualifies us as medical experts? We are not medical experts, our CEO has and currently holds a top medical administration position in the State of Texas. She has over 15 years experience working in the medical field and knows what is necessary and expected of the surgeons in Mexico to offer its foreign patients. This includes but is not limited to quality affordable healthcare in a modern up to date medical facilities. All of the surgeons are board certified in their specialty. All surgeons are bilingual and some trilingual. All surgeons carry an excellent safety record and all have over 10 years experience in their field of medical specialty. Where most medical directories or self proclaimed medical tourism companies give you “choices” of several medical specialist in the same cities, we do not. We are very selective in the services and surgeons that we referrer you to. We are not in competition with any other medical facilitating companies nor are we in competition with any medical specialist in Mexico. We are able to provide better customer service and a better medical trip by focusing with 1-2 surgeons tops in the same cities. Qualitycaremexico.com can also assist you with your lodging and ground transportation. We have agreements with excellent 3-4 star hotels that have been catering to our patients since our doors opened in 2008. Qualitycaremexico.com does not pay for any advertising, all of our referrals come from our website or word of mouth from past patients that have been provided service by one or more of our surgeons. Our current major cities of operation in Mexico are Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Saltillo, Cancún, Monterrey, Tijuana, Cd. Acuña, Celaya and Tuxtla Gutierrez. Not all specialties are available in all of the above cities as we have focused on the Major Medical specialist to be in Guadalajara. Our elective surgery surgeons such as our Cosmetic and plastic surgeons can be found in most of the cities mentioned. No one can guarantee that you will have a 100% safe and successful surgery not in the U.S.A. not in Canada and not in Mexico. We are not a company that advertises a Medical procedure with a perk of a small vacation. It´s not a vacation it´s medical travel in some of Mexico’s beautiful cities that can feel like a vacation. We do not recommend major surgery in a resort city as these cities usually do not provide the proper trauma centers that other cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana and Celaya do. We hope that some of this information has been helpful to you. We hope to be a part of your medical journey and help assist you in anyway that we can. Get your Free Quote! Click or Call 1-877-7754380 or Call Us 1-830-7197999 or Visit Our Website www.qualitycaremexico.com *** When searching for the best medical treatment in Mexico, you need reliable, facts and transparent information regarding not only services provided and Doctors, but all costs. Whether you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Mexico, orthopedic surgery in Guadalajara, infertility in Mexico, eye surgery in Guadalajara or Monterrey, dental care in Mexico, lap band surgery or cosmetic surgery in Mexico, you must know what it’s all going to cost you. We at Quality Care Mexico offer you resources to compare prices for a variety of medical specialties, procedures and providers around the country, giving you the information that you need to make the best choices that fulfill your specific needs. Select the Specialist of your choice and then review his/her qualifications, services and packages that offer you the best in quality medical care combined with the best, safest and most comfortable surroundings.*** ** Quality Care Mexico offers transparent information on average prices worldwide for some of the most common types of medical procedures. Of course, location, equipment and type of procedure you’re looking for will vary. Lower costs for procedures in other none first world countries aren’t a reflection of substandard services or training, equipment or facilities, but merely reflect different health care delivery systems and practices. Kind Regards, Nora L Palomino CEO/President / Founder