Acupuncture Vancouver

Still Water Acupuncture
Vancouver acupuncture and dermapen treatment services. Offering acupuncture, biopuncture and Dermapen treatments including headaches, anxiety, PMS, insomnia and muscoskeletal pain in Downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Offering customized acupuncture and biopuncture treatment in Vancouver. Supporting you in restoring and maintaining optimum health.

1377 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5M9, Canada
Boda Health
BodaHealth is a Vancouver comprehensive holistic health clinic, offering: acupuncture, massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic nutrition, structural integration and manual therapy.

BodaHealth is a comprehensive medical clinic offering the best in patient care. We listen to your needs and inspire you to unlock your true vitality and long term well being. We are highly trained with expertise in specific areas. We work collaboratively to optimize your health and wellness. We provide a caring and comfortable environment with friendly staff and two sweet dogs.

(604) 733-2632