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Borrow Bridge
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Short Business Description: Unlock Equity in your Luxury Assets
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Borrow Bridge Funds is a private international lending firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, which provides collateral loans (financing) securitized by approved high worth assets of borrowers. Borrow Bridge Funds also purchases approved high worth assets to provide capital to individuals and businesses as needed. For those seeking short to mid-term loans, our company offers the utmost customer service and discretion with private, cost-free evaluations and consultation, combined with deep industry expertise resulting in a positive and easy experience. There are no credit or reference checks. The go or no-go decision in regard to your loan is based on asset quality and value alone. The Borrow Bridge Funds team has expertise in assessing the value of your asset (the collateral) and will hold the collateral securely during the duration of your loan period. Once the loan (including interest and fees) is repaid, your asset is returned to you in at least as good if not better shape than when it was placed in our care. For example, all diamonds and jewellery are professionally cleaned prior to return. All luxury vehicles are professional cleaned, both exterior and interior. For those seeking a way to permanently collateralize their high worth assets by selling, Borrow Bridge Funds provides private, cost-free evaluations and consultations in order to determine a mutually acceptable purchase price. Confidentiality during the entire process is paramount.

Business Phone Number: (604) 731-5711
Business Address: Suite 810-736 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1E4, Canada
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Capital Funding Financial
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Short Business Description: “Voted as the Top Florida Hard Money Lender offering direct private money for asset based mortgage loans, commercial bridge loans, fix & flip, rehab loans, rental loans, and non conventional mortgages at low rates.”
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When traditional banks are unable to provide financing in time or offer you the mortgage terms you deserve, a hard money loan from Capital Funding Financial can be the right solution for you. A hard money loan is simply a loan against the appraised asset value versus a loan against the borrower’s debt to income ratio; therefore you get the funding you need within days without all of the delays and hassles required by a traditional bank’s underwriters. So if you require cash in a hurry or are looking to fund a commercial or residential real estate investment project in Florida contact the mortgage loan specialists at Capital Funding Financial today for a free consultation!

Business Phone Number: 954-320-0242
Business Address: 844 Broken Sound Pkwy NW #416