Finding You – Body. Mind. Soul.
Life Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Access Bars, BodyTalk, Reiki. Helping you reduce the stress in your life and get you on the road to happiness.

Finding You – Body. Mind. Soul. is all about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. We are able to help heal the body and mind so that you can live a balanced life of happiness. Life Coaching helps you retrain your brain to help you achieve your dreams. Divorce Coaching will guide you through the divorce process, educate you about preparing for each stage and what you should do to prepare yourself emotionally and financially so you come through the process successfully, feeling whole and with a purpose. We also have a number of energy modalities that help balance your mind and body to reduce your stress and relieve aches and pains. An investment in you pays the best interest.

435 Rosser Ave. Brandon, MB
Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt Rooms

The Oasis of Healing Holistic Health Spa with Salt Rooms offers calm, serene and relaxing atmosphere. The services are offered in Healing, Massage, Consultation and in the Salt Rooms for adults and children. We offer a variety of Holistic treatment techniques which are effective, natural and mutually complementary to help relieve ailments and help restore natural state of health and well-being by gently stimulating body’s inherent abilities to heal itself. Our services are tailored for each individual client needs. Further, our clients are informed how to take responsibility to maintain their own well-being and achieve optimal health.