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Rug Repair & Restoration Midtown NYC
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Short Business Description: If your Handmade rug is in daily use, over time dirt and grime tracked in by feet and pets build up in its fibers.
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If your Handmade rug is in daily use, over time dirt and grime tracked in by feet and pets build up in its fibers. This weakens the rug’s structure and can create places where tears begin. In addition, bacteria and germs are harbored, adding to any allergy triggers in the area.

Thoroughly cleaning your rug will help it keep its luster and ideal shape – and make sure your home’s inner space is as fresh as possible for you and your family.

Traffic up and down the same routes (which will happen in a hallway or from the sofa to the door, for example) will create localized wear, thinning the fibers and dulling the colors.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Battery Park
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Short Business Description: We’re fully committed to green cleaning. It’s how we demonstrate our genuine concern for the health and safety of your family, your pets and the environment itself.
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Synthetic Rug Experts Will Care For Your Precious Rug. Varying both in design and size, today synthetic area rugs are a cost-efficient way of owning a great-looking rug. You have many options to choose from, deciding what will look best in your living room or hallway. You can the look and the vie you want for your home.

Now all you need is professional cleaner that will help you keep it looking beautiful as time passes by.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Chinatown
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We evaluate your rug in NY to inform you of your choices in what can be done to fix any damage. Making repairs, when they are small and less drastic, will not only make repairs easier to handle, but help ensure that your rug is around for much longer.
So instead of having to buy a new Shag to replace your favorite but damaged one, bring it in for a check-up and repair.
Expert renewal for your Shag rug. From original Greek Flokati rugs, where the entire rug – the long pile and the backing it is set in – is woven from wool, to modern synthetic rugs with a cotton backing, Shag rugs add warmth to cold rooms from both a temperature and design point of view.
The long pile can bring a young, funky look to a room, immediately upgrading a solid, straight room to one with softer edges.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Downtown
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Synthetic rugs are both beautiful and comfortable. They’re ideal for families with children, pet owners, and allergy sufferers.
We offer you completely-professional rug cleaning, repair and restoration services in New York – including the best care available for beautiful Synthetic rugs. We provide courteous, reliable and economical cleaning services to many of our neighbors and friends.
Our rug specialists have the know-how to safely clean, repair and restore all kinds of rugs – Synthetic, Persian, Oriental, Chinese, Native American, hand-and-machine-made – We do them all and many more.
We’re experts in natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. We also give the finest of care to synthetic materials such as polyester.
Our cleaning crews are highly-trained, highly-experienced rug experts. We outfit them with the best equipment there is. We also use only 100%-organic cleaning solutions.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Lower Manhattan
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Whether natural fiber or synthetic, we have the right products and techniques to bring your rug back to its freshest, softest like-new state.

Expert rug renewal for treasured rugs
As you enjoy your Shag rug, normal wear and tear can accumulate. Even the most durable of wool fibers can experience breakdown or damage from pet urine and direct sunlight. Accidents can cause tears in the backing or rip out the fibers.

Repairs will take into account a Shag rug’s unique construction, and the mixed length of threads that creates the deep pile. The nature of the deterioration will be assessed together with the rug’s texture. The fiber makeup, including the backing, is closely examined.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Murray Hill
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Not every cleaning company can repair Turkish rugs. It takes special training, skill and materials. We have all three. We can take a thorough professional cleaning to repair your Turkish rug.

We find damage caused by use and wear, exposure to sunlight, pet stains, or water from a potted plant. When we find it our highly-skilled rug dyers do their magic.

Their color restoration service uses the finest vegetable dyes available to bring back your rug’s color and beauty. We use only organic products and gentle methods to restore your rug to it’s original condition. Our services also include dusting, washing, fixing the fringes and backing and straightening Turkish rugs.

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Rug Repair & Restoration Central Park West
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Abcrugrestoration is your trustworthy local rug cleaning New York City company. We understand the investment you’ve made in your rugs, and you can trust us to take proper care of your rugs and deliver them odorless and contamination-free.
When your rug is placed in a high traffic area it can become wrinkled and misshapen.We provides rug blocking services in the NY area. Rug resizing restretches your rug to get rid of wrinkles and reshapes your rug.
Oriental rugs are a pleasure to look at and have in a living room or an open corridor. They are an example of your taste and can tie a room together in a unique way. Whether it’s a Persian, Tibetan or a Chinese rug, it’s a special way of decorating your house and giving it a personal touch. But in order to keep its form and shape for many years, an Oriental rug has to be cared by experts.

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