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London Carpet Cleaners
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Short Business Description: London Carpet Cleaners is a carpet cleaning company in London, Ontario, Canada
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You need a good carpet cleaning service to take care of your needs. Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right place. We are the premier carpet cleaning and shampoo company in London Ontario. Whether you are looking for spring cleaning or winter mess cleanups on your beautiful carpeted floors, at London Carpet Cleaners, we have the tools and know how to get your job done in a professional and timely manner. We do commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

Are you frustrated that you just can’t seem to keep your carpeted areas in your home or business clean and free from dirt and grime? Are the high traffic areas in your home clearly visible on your carpet? Do your office floors always look dirty? Does your carpet smell like it belonged in the 1980’s? Do your kids track mud and dirt all over? Do your pets have “accidents” and the smell is still lingering? Pet hair all over your couch and upholstery? Do you have trouble keeping your carpet clean, but don’t want to pay for replacing all the carpets? (who has money for that?) Does the tile in your kitchen or bathroom have stains that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Business Phone Number: 226-840-9138
Business Address: London, ON