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Your Rug N Rugs
YOUR RUG & RUGS is a topmost supplier of modern, unique, traditional rugs at unbeatable prices. Our company has an enviable reputation for excellent service and amazing value.

The international business reached to Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, United States (US) and Canada. Among all the countries, the company selected Canada as a hub for business. Your Rug & Rugs is the descendent of the 5 generations of carpet experts. We as a small weaving shop in the town of ‘Mobarakeh’ in “Isfahan”, Iran and was well known for its excellent service, amazing value and super rich quality of rugs.
Having a big dream to be a protagonist in industry, the company worked very hard to expand its services to create the finest quality and unique variety of Rugs.

Your Rug & Rugs’ owner David continues to serve his customers by educating them in. We specialize in a variety of services to suit your home, personal and business needs as well; cleaning, repair and restoration, designing, consultations, appraisals. Visit our showroom to experience the vast knowledge that has passed through generation to help you find the perfect addition to your home decor.

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