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Established in 2016, ISLAND SEAFOOD MARKET offers a wide variety of live seafood for all taste and budgets. Get in touch with us!

From cracking through claws to slurping shells, there’s something amazing in eating freshly caught seafood. At ISLAND SEAFOOD MARKET, they provide you with a large selection of seafood that is sourced from nearby waters. Their cooks use seasonally inspired ingredients from land and sea to provide you with mouth-watering dishes. With fresh seafood delivered daily and prepared for each order, you are guaranteed one of the tastiest and delicious meal! Their experienced chefs give you personal attention and deliver a service up to your expectations. Visit their seafood restaurant and indulge in our mouth-watering dishes! They have built a solid reputation in Merritt Island. Drop by their market to make the most out of our seafood or visit the website for more information!

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875 N Courtney Parkway,Merritt Island, Florida
Sea World Enterprises Co.Ltd
Provide all kind of live/frozen seafood

we provide our customer with high quality of seafood, such as unagi, lobsters, crab and etc