Geomatics Training Edmonton

Aerobotika Aerial Intelligence Ltd
Aerobotika Aerial Intelligence Ltd. is a company based in Canada, specializing in development and operating of remotely piloted aircraft systems (UAV/UAS) for a wide range of areas including Geomatics, Agriculture, Real Estate and more.

Come and learn how to fly with our Edmonton UAV training professionals. We offer comprehensive Group, Private and Custom training programs. The journey to become a pilot begins in the classroom. Aerobotika offers both Private & Commercial Ground school to prepare you for the Transport Canada exams. Our Flight Training comprises of in person and online training. We provide custom training simulator with real world exercises. Edmonton’s Flight Training Services are offered by a passionate and an expert team of instructors who ensure student safety remains on the top. Whether you are an aspiring career pilot or a leisure activity pilot, Aerobotika UAV operations workshop is the ultimate expert development for hands-on UAV operations. We walk through all of the details that you need to become best of breed UAV operations teams. We offer UAV operator course & Drone flying training across Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, and Regina.

10111 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada