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Meditation Center Chicago
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Short Business Description: Meditation Center Chicago is run by Mr. Bharat Kalra with 30 years of meditative prac. It is a place to learn Guided Meditation. Join Guided Meditation Classes for Sleep improve and for Mindfulness.
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Bharat Kalra has been meditating and teaching spiritual practices seriously since 2011 in Meditation Center Chicago. He believed in some kind of a life force or consciousness behind everything unfortunately he never found answers within the church so looked eastward in terms of guru’s, mantras and eastern philosophy. This was his spiritual training and it lasted for 10 years. The enlightenment was seeking seemed beyond him, not something he was familiar with and he really wanted to be connected back to the essence of life. In 2009 Bharat Kalra decided to stand on his own two feet, no props, organization or philosophy, and formed the Meditation Center Chicago.

Business Phone Number: +1 940 389 9284
Business Address: 120 W Golf Road, Suite 216, Schaumburg, Illinois-60195
Anahana Wellness
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Short Business Description: Be healthy. Be happy. Live long.
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Anahana – Be healthy. Be happy. Live Long.

Convenience and flexibility make attaining your health goals easier, that’s why we come to you. Whether in your home or office, we provide the services to help you improve your health and overall quality of life.

Offering experienced and approachable Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Instructors for any level, or range of goals. Additional services such as Holistic Nutrition Consulting, Injury Treatment, and Movement Assessments, provide a 360 degree approach to preventative and proactive wellness.

Anahana Wellness Advisors assess short and long term health goals and match clients with the right service and instructors to develop flexible, tailored, and longevity focused health and wellness programs.

Whether working from a rehabilitative or performance perspective, this consistent methodology is as applicable to those with existing conditions as well as elite athletes striving for that next level of excellence.

Yoga- Anahana offers Yoga Instructors proficient in Hatha, Vinyassa, Restorative, Self-Awakening Yoga, Yin, Mindful Yoga, Esther Myers, among others.

Pilates – Anahana offers Instructors trained in various methods of Pilates including, Stott, Classical, and Body Harmonics. Whether you are looking for a great mat workout or have a home studio with a full compliment of equipment, Anahana has you covered. Many of our Instructors have Advanced Certification’s on all apparatus, including: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.

Nutrition – Anahana Wellness offers a variety of services to help get you moving in the right direction. Some of the services offered include:

* Initial Nutrition Assessment & Consulting
* Ongoing Coaching
* Meal Planning & Prep
* Pantry Evaluation
* Guided Grocery Shopping Trips
* Event consultation for inclusive catering options

Meditation and Mindfulness – Whether you are completely new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner, Anahana Wellness Advisors will match you with the ideal professional and approach to suit your goals. Some of the services offered include:

*Mindful Yoga
*Breath Awareness Meditation
*Body Scanning

Wellness Passport – Turnkey – Targeted – Tailored to your busy schedule. The Wellness Passport offers 5 key elements that help you be happy, be healthy, and live long:

Baseline Wellness Consultation
Structural Movement Assessment
Nutrition Review and Strategy
Personalized To Your Schedule: In-Home Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Sessions
Dedicated Wellness Advisory: Motivate, review, and optimize your progress

Anahana Network – In addition to our numerous in house Instructors and Practitioners, Anahana Partners with top Health and Wellness providers to meet the needs of our clients and give you the best available tools and experts to work with.

Business Phone Number: (416) 262-2323
Business Address: -, Toronto, ON, M4R 1P5, Canada
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