Sentag Trailer Manufacturing

Sentag Trailers in Alberta sells and rents office trailers for an affordable price. Temporary office trailers can be rented for the term you need to save money and stay on budget, while permanent trailers can be purchased for a better long-term value. Call us today to compare prices and options, and visit to learn why we’re the retailer of choice for office trailers in Alberta.

11420 – 199 Street
LP Capital Group
LP Capital Group is a boutique commercial real estate financial investment firm serving investors in NJ, NY, PA & CT.

LP Capital Group is the best commercial real estate financial investment brokerage firm to meet financial needs of businesses & investors in NJ, NY, PA & CT. We have over 30 years of experience building relationships with a wide range of direct lenders to serve variety of commercial investment properties like mixed use, multi family, retail, offices, Malls, co-op, malls, and more. Our expertise allows investors like you to find the most flexible financial options on terms, pre-payments, amortization and cash-out in order to reach your financial success. Contact us today to learn about our loans and financial services (201) 690-9260.

(201) 690-9260
Park 80 West Plaza II, Suite 200