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International Rug Gallery
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InternationalRugGallery is a very well equipped rug cleaning service provider in all locations of the GTA area in Toronto.
With over 55 years of their experience in rug cleaning and rug repair, the team knows what it takes to do the job properly and perform a deep rug cleaning without hurting your delicate rugs. InternationalRugGallery also has all types of amazing rugs for you to acquire for your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room or even your office. Rugs bring a type of feeling and harmony to your place, and you just have to see it for your self.

Business Email : jimme@internationalruggallery.com

Business Phone Number: (416) 247-2121
Business Address: 1211 Caledonia Rd, North York
Harmony Rugs
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Harmony Rugs is a rug cleaning service provider and a handmade rug store in Toronto with over 30 years of experience serving the GTA. Rug cleaning and rug repair is a very skilled craft that requires skilled artisans to get the job done in a way that your rugs will be protected from any type of damage due to the years of experience that the harmony rugs staff has
Their handmade rugs for sale come in a variety of unique and amazing art designs dedicated to being used for a variety of places in your place, like the bathroom, stairs, bedroom, living room, kitchen or your office space.

Business Email : contact@harmonyrugs.ca

Business Phone Number: (416) 301-0031
Business Address: 732 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B3, Canada
Website Address: https://harmonyrugs.ca/
South Miami Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros
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Short Business Description: South Miami Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros
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South Miami Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros provide professional Oriental rug cleaning, rug repair, and rug restoration services. Our personalized hands on service is the best in South Miami. The Oriental Rug Pros specialize in hand cleaning expensive and sentimental Oriental, Persian and Antique rugs in South Miami and the surrounding areas.

Business Phone Number: contact@orientalrugprossouthbeach.com
Business Address: 7800 Red Road Ste 240 South Miami FL 33143
Carpet Cleaning NYC
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Short Business Description: Carpet Cleaning Service, Repair Service, Cleaning Service.
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The team at NYC Carpet Cleaning Services is ready to provide your carpets with a deep clean that will leave them completely odorless and spotless. Our team uses the most advanced products and equipment on the market to deliver exceptional results. You will never again have to fear someone stopping by and noticing that pet stain from a couple weeks ago.

Did you know that your carpets affect your health? If not, that is okay because many people never even think about it. If you suffer from any type of allergy to dust or pollen or you are an asthma sufferer, then you know how easily flare ups can happen.

Carpets can hide dirty secrets for years and you may never put two and two together. It happens, but today is the day to put an end to it. Our team of technicians are able to eliminate all organisms and bacteria from your carpet and deliver a clean that you are proud of.

At NYC Carpet Cleaning Services, we do not just simply come into your home and remove a single stain. We work to clean your entire carpets from wall to wall. We take a unique approach to carpet cleaning in NYC and our process delivers the best and deepest clean possible.

Business Phone Number: 212-547-8980
Business Address: 407 Bleecker St, suite 335 Manhattan NY 10014
Duke Brothers Carpet Cleaning
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Short Business Description: Duke Brothers offers comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions, from general carpet renovation, stain removal, and upholstery cleaning, to carpet repair and re-stretching.
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Duke Brothers offers comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions, from general carpet renovation, stain removal, and upholstery cleaning, to carpet repair and re-stretching.

Business Phone Number: (757)-626-3853
Business Address: 330 W. 25 St, Norfolk, VA, 23517
Website Address: http://dukebros.com
Rug Repair & Restoration Chinatown
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We evaluate your rug in NY to inform you of your choices in what can be done to fix any damage. Making repairs, when they are small and less drastic, will not only make repairs easier to handle, but help ensure that your rug is around for much longer.
So instead of having to buy a new Shag to replace your favorite but damaged one, bring it in for a check-up and repair.
Expert renewal for your Shag rug. From original Greek Flokati rugs, where the entire rug – the long pile and the backing it is set in – is woven from wool, to modern synthetic rugs with a cotton backing, Shag rugs add warmth to cold rooms from both a temperature and design point of view.
The long pile can bring a young, funky look to a room, immediately upgrading a solid, straight room to one with softer edges.

Business Address: 128 Mott St, New York, NY 10013
Rug Repair & Restoration Wall Street
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A shag rug’s deep pile makes it warm and inviting. The popularity of shag rugs has endured through the years, from the original white wool to modern synthetic in crazy colors.

Any rug that gets daily traffic of family, pets and the elements will need to be regularly up kept and treated to make sure it gets clean, smells fresh and is in good shape. A shag rug in particular is always at its best when soft and cozy.

Rug cleaning in NY is best done by the experts – that means us. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians will inspect your rug and advise you on the exact procedure it needs to be rid of dirt, grime and funny smells, once again making it a showpiece of your home.

In addition to tailoring our methods to each individual rug, we only use organic cleaning materials to give a clean that is tough on dirt but gentle to your rug’s fabric.

Business Phone Number: (646) 693-0651
Business Address: 14 Wall St New York, NY 10005