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Fit to Eat
It’s easy, healthy and delish! Fit To Eat can help you do the shopping, the cooking , the food packaging and the calorie counting and help you reach your goals, save you time and feel great! is a Niagara-based personal meal planning and caterer owned and operated by Laura Discepola. Laura’s passion for cooking dates back to early infancy where she developed a love for food coming from a large Italian family. Laura worked for many different caterers in both Montreal and Toronto, and was able to leverage her experience to create whereby her passions for cooking and fitness lead her to start up her own business and serve the culinary needs of the Niagara and GTA areas. caters to many different lifestyles (vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie, healthy) and clientele (with medical conditions, time-constrained, or just simply looking to eat healthier) but the common theme between them is that there is a need to provide healthy personalized home cooked meals.

When clients register on they are asked a series of questions to ensure that their meal goals are clearly understood (weight control, weight loss, nutrition, special needs). Once a food plan has been finalized the delivery options (i.e. number of days of service and location) can then be discussed and individual meal options can then be planned according to the clients wishes.

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2 Cushman Road, Unit 5 Saint Catharines, Ontario