Useful Tips for Picking Colors for Your Business Website

Colors usually have an immediate impact on people just from the first look. For most people, a product’s color greatly influences their buying decision. Similarly, colors are essential in brand recognition worldwide and can be used to represent your business and industry.

Different brands use different colors to showcase and represent their image. For instance, Coca-Cola is known for its red color, Nike uses white, Adidas uses black, and Walmart uses blue. All these colors carry particular information that the brand seeks to pass to its customers. 

Color is also responsible for almost 60% of a product being rejected by a customer. This, therefore, shows how important it is to choose the right color for your brand.

Here is a guideline for choosing the most suitable color for your business website.

1. Choosing a Primary Color

The first step is to choose a primary color for your brand. Before you choose this color, consider your product and services and then select a color that matches their vibe. If you already have a colored logo, consider a primary color matching the particular existing brand.

Different colors usually convey different emotions. The color green usually represents nature and tranquility, orange represents friendliness, and red can represent danger or urgency.

2. Choosing Additional Colors

AN additional color is a color complement that highlights crucial features and attracts your content or website to any reader. For instance, if you have a green website, you can complement it with eye-catching red color. However, ensure that you limit it to one or two colors so as not to make it cluttered.

3. Choosing a Background Color

This process is done by considering two options;

  • A muted primary color is needed to solidify the branding. A white or gray overlay is necessary.
  • A whole website can have an off-white color. Everything can easily be seen, including images and texts.

4. Choosing a Typeface Color

The best option for this one is a black color. Gray can also be useful for creating a softer and more relaxed and inviting look. Colored typefaces can be used to highlight links and other useful information.

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