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Disability Protection
If you were to become sick or injured in your prime working years, who would continue to provide you with a paycheque? Your ability to earn an income, especially in your prime earning years is the most important resource you can provide for your family’s well-being?

But what would happen if you became disabled through an accident, or injured through a debilitating disease, mental health, or joint or muscle disorders?

Would your family finances survive? Would you be able to provide for the basic needs of your family, your Mortgage, Utilities and Groceries? What we like to refer to as the MUG Formula.

For only a small percentage of your current income, generally 2%, you can guarantee you will always have a consistent cash flow into your family’s income, no matter what would happen throughout your life…

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MC Financial
Financial Advisor – Mortgage Broker – Insurance Broker

We are firm believers that a financial advisor must have the desire to help their clients along with the required skills and knowledge to do so. Our main objective is to develop lasting relationships with our clientele to help them achieve their short- to long-term goals.

Through a variety of solutions we are able to offer a holistic approach to financial management – from investment planning to wealth protection and mortgages.

To us, it is simple, client’s needs come first.

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Reassured For Life
Reassured For Life offers insurance brokerage on life, health, accident, travel and small business insurance for the people of Alberta.

Reassured For Life offers insurance brokerage for families and individuals of Alberta, Canada. We are that kind of insurance brokers who understand that people have a busy life and need help from head to toe when it comes to insurance policies. Our brokerage services are so convenient and flexible that you don’t even have to meet us face to face. Right from selecting an insurance plan from an array of choices to signing the forms, everything can be done online using screen share software. However, if you are not convinced, we are more than happy to meet you and discuss your insurance plans in detail. Reassured For Life offers brokerage services for life, health, accident and travel insurance for the people of Alberta. We will help you choose the plan you need from a list of insurance plans of all the major insurance companies in Alberta. While we help you choose an ideal plan, we also try to save up to 55% on your policy plan. Once we help you choose a plan, we will stay in touch with you and babysit your policy for you. When your policy is up for a conversion or a renewal, we will call you up to remind you about the updates. If you already have an existing insurance plan and think you are over insured, we can help you evaluate your existing plans for free and find better policies. Reassured For Life also helps small businesses in the Edmonton area to choose insurance policies. For details, visit us at https://www.reassured.ca/ and https://www.reassured.ca/about-us/.

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Thomson Schindle Green Insurance & Financial Services Ltd
For Home, Auto, Business, Life, Disability Insurance.

For Home, Auto, Business, Life, Disability Insurance and Registered Retirement Investments, connect with Thomson Schindle Green Insurance and Financial Services Ltd. We have been serving Calgary and its residents for over 25 years. Contact us at 403-723-9416 now!