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Short Business Description: Qoin is Australia’s gateway to the world of blockchain technology. Get a competitive advantage with the Q Merchant to exchange digital currency, or boost your cryptocurrency trading with the Q Consumer Experience.
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Qoin is Australia’s gateway to the world of blockchain technology, a digital currency pushing boundaries with smarter and more secure technology, user friendly wallets, and instant access to small business by consumers. Qoin’s merchants have enjoyed the benefits of exchanging their spare capacity to real value. The Qoin Association has also recently approved the first multi-currency wallet named “Q Wallet”.

The Q Merchant digital currency exchange offers a competitive advantage, while the Q Consumer Experience boosts individuals’ cryptocurrency trading. The Qoin aim is to become a single digital currency empowering buyers and sellers globally. Qoin is the next generation of digital currency, providing merchants safe, simple and super fast payments. Their digital currency can be converted into products and services. All the income earned through Qoin are completely interchangeable with cash. The commercial-grade reliability and stability coupled with its security systems that protect against theft will attract the general public, promoting wide adoption, safety and longevity.

Based on smart coin technology, Qoin allows for seamless transactions between buyers & sellers. Buyers, in their wallets, have access to their Q Directory of participating merchants and their future Q Shop for instant online purchases using their Qoin.

Due to the speed, scalability and security required for transactions between buyers and sellers, the association will only grant access to credible independent validators to ensure a distributed but reliable blockchain. Unlike other blockchains that allow anybody to operate validator nodes on their system, Qoin is a permissioned blockchain. Learn more about Qoin by visiting the website today!

Business Phone Number: 1300 228 274
Business Address: Level 1, Suite 2 121 Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215 Australia
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Short Business Description: Hamilton’s Premier Blockchain Venture Studio
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Coinaccord is a company that passionately believes in individual autonomy, constructive disruption, and informational transparency implemented in a way that benefits individuals and communities worldwide. In order to share our belief system, we provide full stack development services that complement our continually evolving knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the tools you’ll need to deploy your product on a massive scale. Coinaccord has the solution if you need Smart Contract coding or validation, dApp design and development, guidance with blockchain strategy and implementation, or marketing and design expertise for personal or enterprise applications.

Business Phone Number: 8889970069
Business Address: 270 Sherman Avenue North
Website Address: Visit our Website