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ATCO Emissions Management
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ATCO Emissions Management provides noise control and waste heat recovery system solutions for industrial sites worldwide.

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Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger Canada
A Canadian manufacturer of custom industrial heat exchangers, unit heater coil – Steam Unit Heater and more.

Custom-made industrial heat exchangers, coils, ventilation units, steam unit heaters, heat control systems and more for the food and agriculture industry, factories, institutional buildings, heavy machinery, and more. Realize greater heat recovery, increased air-flow and significantly lower energy losses. We build low noise, high performance and large-scale industrial-grade heat exchanger components, parts and equipments. Nationwide delivery. We can also repair or upgrade aging industrial heat exchangers, steam unit heaters, coils and shell-and-tube type components. Caron has been in the business for over 75 years.

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4 route 147 Coaticook (Qc) J1A 2S8
Our Team - Custom Industrial Heat Exchanger Manufacturer
Manufacturer of custom industrial heat exchanger, unit heater coil, steam unit heater and more.

We design, manufacture, or repair custom shell-and-tube and coil heat exchangers for a wide spectrum of industries (chemical, logging, oil and gas, food, etc.). Your company faces unique problems, wants to repair very old equipments, or have special needs? For over 30 years, Caron & Fils has established itself as a trusted partner and a well-known problem solver throughout Canada. We are reputed for the extreme durability of our heat exchangers, steam unit heaters, and coils. We only use top quality aluminum/steel/copper and high resistance gaskets. baffles, tie rods, spacers, partition plates, pipes, fittings, shell covers, tube sheets, and other key components.

819 849-3015
4, route 14, Coaticook (Qc) J1A 2S8