HOT Kabalah Yoga

Zen Tai Studio Montreal
Tai Zen Studio offers several yoga classes to meet your needs in a targeted manner. Also Budokon, Zumba Dance, PowerPlate, and more

Add an entirely new dimension to your yoga practise and experience 20 minutes yogabudo on the mat mixed with 40 minutes of flying yoga

Come and challenge your brain and body to move in 3 D with endless possibilities of postures

A playfull workout to increase strength & flexibility of the musculo-skeletal system and your overall agility.

This fall a special anti gravity / flying yoga class for young people

Every Tuesday at 5 pm for young

Every Sunday at 11:45 am for the whole family. Explore yoga in suspension / anti gravity yoga with your kids

Private group on reservation for birthday parties, or special occasions. Call us for more details

Flying yoga / antigravity yoga classes are good for young of all ages, for kids, for tweens or teens

(514) 507-5990