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Galata Ministries is a globally renowned aid, development and Poverty Organizations in Alberta, Canada charity with 40 years of experience. Donate for a Holy Cause ? (403) 380-9154.

Welcome to Galata Ministries

My name is Paulos Gote and this is an exciting story of triumph and determination.
In May 2000 I had to leave my family and tribal life and turn into a desperate young refugee on the dangerous streets of Nairobi, Kenya. I then immigrated to Canada, where I had lived for a while, before returning to South Omo. By returning to my family and roots, I have proven my strong determination to do whatever possible to give hope to my people and help them survive.
With the help and support of many wonderful people along the way, I have established the Galata Ministries. In many of the Ethiopian dialects, Galata means THANKS. The main goal of our sacred organization is to raise awareness to the harsh living conditions in South Omo and find the resources to restore hope to the people of that region.

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