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Grey Matter Montessori
Give your child our education advantage. Research based program to nurture your child’s potential and accelerate their learning!

Grey Matter Montessori is located in the community of Evanston in northwest Calgary. We focus on providing a well-rounded preschool/kindergarten education and experience for all of our students, combining a full Montessori program with the International Preschool Curriculum, striving always to foster development, creativity, self-confidence and a lifelong love for learning! Our highly-trained, Montessori-certified teachers understand the importance of nurturing and providing quality care for our students. We use innovative methods to help children develop critical thinking skills and a strong sense of independence.

There are many reasons why you should consider our Montessori program for your child, including:

– It seeks to educate the child as a whole
– The Montessori program uses developmentally appropriate methods for more successful learning outcomes
– It builds a natural love for learning
– It focuses on the individual child and their unique potential.
– Individual and small group lessons allow us to accelerate your child’s learning!
– The safe, enjoyable environment prepares children for future academic and social excellence
– All Montessori teachers are positive, encouraging and value each individual child

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2004-2060 Symons Valley Parkway NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3P 0M9, Canada