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Online Property Rental solutions
It is an advantageous method followed years back by the people around. This rental system stays trustworthy and predominant in an online platform. A well-structured software can manage the system seamlessly.

Fine features and functionalities of the rental system define the efficiency of the system, let me list some of the features,

For Host (One who is the owner of the product):

Varied Medium Signup
Authenticated Users
Detailed Listing
Cancelling The Booking
Rating And Reviews
Easy Switching To Guest Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard
Earning Report

For Guest (One who gets rented products):

Multiple Registration
Interactive Dashboard
Varied And Multiple Booking Options
Streamlined Flow of List
Bookmark Favorite Listing
Secured In-App Payment Gateways
Rate and Review
Cancelling Booking request
Earn Through Invite

Features To Control Rental System :

User Management
Easy Monitoring
Single Viewed Dashboard
Service Amount Management
Manage Promo code
Manage Ratings
Varied languages and varied currencies Management

Notable Features:

A rental system used for business must be adaptable to everywhere and anywhere. Our rental system is specialized in this quality features and functionalities. with varied languages and varied currencies. Enhance your booking with iCalendar and superb booking features.

What We Provide:

We provide a complete package to inaugurate your rental business.The script is available in both mobile and web apps. Customisation on the script according to the user requirement is done. Also, provide app installation and other technical support.The exact solution for the business requirements.

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property management software

Tenix is a property management software designed to make the lives of landlords, management, and tenants easier. We are an all-in-one solution that aims to reduce redundancies, inconveniences, and inefficiencies in traditional condo and apartment living. We are able to achieve this through our innovative property management system – which is an all-in-one platform that creates a seamless connection between tenants and property owners. Our landlord app aims to automate the most common tenant requests; some of which includes allowing tenants to pay for items, reserve parking spots, book elevators, and more! By doing this, our system leaves a trail of documentation that increases the speed at which daily tasks and requests can be accomplished, and eliminates any possible disputes between everyone involved. With our app, life becomes a whole lot easier. Our main office is headquartered in Mississauga, just South West of Ontario 401 Express and Highway 427. Our online property management solution is offered to allcommercial condo and apartment owners in Canada. Call us today at 905-827-0711 to learn more.

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Smart Building Apps
Learn how you can enjoy the benefits and efficiency of a live system tracking your team, their progress and resident satisfaction.

Smart Building Apps is a top rated, all-in-one cloud-based residential, commercial and parking property management software system that is designed to help you to manage hundreds or thousands of properties in terms of saving time, money, paper and storage space. Our cloud-based system allows you to access from anywhere around the world and it doesn’t require any downloads or upgrades to your current system. Just log in from any desktop, tablet or smartphone to monitor your individual or multiple properties at the same time.

Since 1994, our team has been working with property owners and property managers for the safety and security of their buildings, parking enforcement, ticketing and towing. Learn how you can enjoy the benefits and efficiency of a live system tracking your team, their progress and resident satisfaction.

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